Hope Brings Transformation

How does real, personal transformation come about?

Hope Through Reflecting On The Past

Ever sat down with a notebook and reflected on what Jesus has done for you in the last 12 months? As I wrote, I felt ...

An Appointment in Heaven

Who will you see in heaven?

Hope Through Praise

When was the last time you took some time to say thank you and praise Jesus for who He is and what He has done for us?

A Neighbor Gets Hope

My neighbor looked at me and said, “I’m now sixty years old and may have 15 winters left to live. Is there Hope after that?”

Hope Through Giving Your Life to Others

Last week I was having lunch with someone who has been struggling with depression. How in the world can a person with deep depression have Hope in life? Let me suggest ...

Hope Through 404 Not Found

Do you ever feel like you have no value, like you don't exist? Well, God has something to say about that.


Jesus came to resolve the ultimate conflict between humans and...

Hope by Relating to Others

What conclusion has Lauren come to regarding you and others?

Hope Through the Next Generation

Why would God be interested in our children?

Hope through Future Possibility

Two young ladies were discussing future wedding plans. You could just hear Hope in their voices as they planned for the future. One of them said, “you know, I’ve...

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