Jesus Gives Hope to Children

Jesus wanted to give the next generation a good dose of ...

Hope Through Stability in Jesus

Are you facing changes faster than you can cope with?

Hope From Good Leaders

Having coffee with a close friend the other morning we began to talk about what makes a good leader. The bottom line was, “...

An Appointment in Heaven

Who will you see in heaven?

Hope from the Selection of a Leader

What happened when 5 people committed themselves to pray?

Hope from Being Enslaved by Wants

How can Jesus help me to not be enslaved by wants?

Friends and Hope

The thing that consumes the most thought and emotional energy in your life is your god!

Hope Through Environments of Grace

What is it that makes a life lived in Jesus attractive?

Hope Through Being With Jesus

Have you ever felt like Jesus has packed up and left your life?


How do we cope with fear?

Hope Through Interdependence

When we work together as believers in Jesus we leverage our spiritual resources in lives all around us!

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