Here Comes the Bride – 2

Join Bryan Chapell today on Unlimited Grace for a message about what God means when he refers to believers as the Bride of Christ.  Now maybe it's difficult for you to see yourself as the bride, so let Bryan help you elevating your view of the church!

Here Comes the Bride – 1

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapel is starting a new series, called "Why Church?"  Now maybe you've wondered how God can get anything done with a church filled with broken people.  Join Bryan as he puts our focus on Jesus Christ ... and not on us!  It's an opportunity to see church in a new light

Trials and Suffering

Today on Unlimited Grace, join Dr. Bryan Chapell for a special Friday interview. Bryan will be sharing more insights from God’s Word and the gospel of grace!

Generous Joy – 2

Bryan Chapell says it’s not our affluence that makes us generous, but our commitment. Learn more today on Unlimited Grace when Bryan explains that biblical giving produces joy on all sides of the equation.  It’s a refreshing and inspiring lesson about giving on Unlimited Grace!

Generous Joy – 1

We all come to the subject of giving with different mindsets. Some people love to open their checkbooks to meet a need, while others feel like someone is always trying to get into their wallet! Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell wants to challenge our thinking and inspire our generosity.

Contented Joy – 2

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell shares the story of two people from two different eras and two different countries who shared the common bond of an old hymn, titled “Whate'er My God Ordains is Right.” Bryan is illustrating how God can use your life in the lives of people you’ll never meet!

Contented Joy – 1

Through God’s power we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!  And that’s our subject today on Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell. We’re in the book of Philippians to learn that God’s joy is a source of strength for facing difficult trials and remaining at peace in the every day stresses of life.

Who and Do

Dr. Bryan Chapell discusses that God’s love for us is found in WHO we are in Christ, not by what we DO.

Pure Joy – 2

Our culture has taken men and women down a dead end in pursuit of sexual satisfaction. And today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapel helps us recalibrate our thinking about love and marriage with the truth of scripture. We’re learning about God’s design for lasting intimacy.

Pure Joy – 1

Literature, song and film all celebrate the love between a man and a woman. And when a husband and wife come together in holy union, a great mystery unfolds. Today on Unlimited Grace, Dr. Bryan Chapell teaches us about promoting and protecting the oneness of marriage.  It’s a message in the book of Philippians

Near Joy – 2

Living in the all-surpassing peace of God is our subject Friday/today on Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell.  Now it may seem hard to feel at peace in the little ups and downs of life ... let alone when your circumstances go really sideways. So join Bryan as he explains how to lay hold of God’s peace amidst daily uncertainty.

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