How to Avoid Legalism in Scripture

In a captivating interview program, Dr. Bryan Chapell discusses the dangers of legalism in our Christian walk.

I Love the Lord - 2

The world tries to tell us that we're in control, but death and disease removes that illusion. Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell calls us to place our hope in the God who holds the future!  It's solid, biblical reassurance from Psalm 116.

I Love the Lord - 1

Elisabeth Elliott once said, "The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances."  And Wednesday/today on Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell we're looking to Psalm 116 to learn how to put our trust in Goeven when we're facing tough times.

Our Living Legacy - 2

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell continues his new Summer Psalms series. Opening to Psalm 112, Bryan is reminding us that our legacy is being lived out today. Each day you have the opportunity to glorify God and impact those around you.

Our Living Legacy - 1

We're starting a brand-new series in the book of Psalm today on Unlimited Grace. Join Bryan Chapell to learn how to live out your legacy so that others will come to know God's grace! It's a challenge to make every day count so that future generations will be blessed.

Remembering Dust - 2

Most of us aren't fans of delayed gratification, but Psalm 103 seems to be telling us to wait for it.  Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell explains that the psalmist is so confident about God's deliverance that he sings about it!  Find joy in God's redemptive plan.

Remembering Dust - 1

Today on Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell, we're going to Psalm 103.  It's a Psalm that lifts our hearts in anticipation of God's complete redemptive plan!  Bryan reminds us that keeping an eternal perspective helps to frame our difficulties here on earth.  It's a message of hope today on Unlimited Grace!

Shout for Joy in Thanksgiving & Trial - 2

If you can recall the verses in Psalm 1, you'll remember the metaphor of a flourishing tree, planted by streams of water.  Well Thursday/today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell uses this image to give you a whole new perspective on prosperity and blessing.  This message will help clear up some common misconceptions.

Shout for Joy in Thanksgiving & Trial - 1

We obviously live in a desperately fallen world, but our God is working all things together for good.  And Thursday/today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell reminds us that God will never give up on us or this world.  He who made all things will ultimately redeem all things.  And that's why we can Shout for Joy in Thanksgiving and Trial!

Hope Through the Night - 2

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell is dealing with God's sovereignty and human suffering.  And even as Christians, on this side of eternity, it's still hard to understand why God allows such difficulty and sadness.  Bryan reminds us that God is able and willing to handle our complaint.  Draw closer to God through Psalm 88.

Hope Through the Night - 1

Have you ever wondered how your suffering makes sense?  Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell is dealing with a serious psalm, and he's not glossing over human suffering.  We're in Psalm 88 to learn how God is piercing the darkness with the hope of Christ

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