Fatherhood and the role of Men in Society

In this episode of E4L, our guest is a South African father and actor. He talks about what prompted him to start his organization; ‘The Fatherhood Foundation of South Africa’. He emphasizes the importance of the role of men in society in terms of manhood and fatherhood, and explains what happens when men abdicate this role. Ultimately we look to …read more

God's Love and His Will for Our Lives

Our guest in this episode speaks about the importance of listening to God’s will for our lives, instead of feeling discouraged by what we see around us. By taking a step of faith, she discovered the truth that God directs your path, and cares about the details of your life. God is greater than anything you have gone through.

Testimony of Rachel: Dealing with Depression

Have you ever felt like you had to be strong on the outside when inside everything is falling apart? Depression can have a paralyzing effect and lead to deep questions regarding God’s presence. You may feel like there are no answers and no way out; but there is a way out. Through her testimony, our guest shares how she was able to overcome depression and be reassured that even in our darkest times, God is always there.

Testimony of Stuart - Deliverance From a Dark Place

Have you ever experienced the power of God? Have you ever been overwhelmed by His love? In this episode of E4L, our guest shares his story of how God delivered him from the bondage of a life trapped in drugs and the occult. He encourages us to really get to know the living God of the Bible and to serve him with our whole lives.

Confession of Sin and God's Forgiveness

God doesn’t want fear to stop us from bringing our failures into the light. He is ready to forgive us if we confess our sin. For our guest in this episode, confession opened the door to God’s love, which transformed his life.

Secret Sin: Do you hide your sins?

Have you ever felt like hiding behind a mask? In this episode, our guest talks about the consequences of hiding your sin, and what happens if you dare to expose the darkest parts of your life to God’s love and forgiveness.

Growing in Faith

Our featured guest on this episode talks about the process of growing in our faith. Through his personal testimony, he shares how his faith in God developed by trusting in Him and submitting to His will.

Victory Over Painful Situations (Part 2)

How do you cope if you are an outsider? Today's guest narrates how he overcame loneliness and rejection by trusting God, His unconditional love, and clinging to His promises.

Victory Over Painful Situations (Part 1)

God sometimes puts us through painful situations, situations that don’t make sense; but with God’s hand and guidance over your life, you will get to the place He wants to take you to. Your circumstances do not limit where God can take you.

Living Radically for God

"Is your faith making a difference in your life? Your relationship with God should affect all areas of your life. Your friends should not question if you have knowledge of God. Dr. Sam Ndoga addresses sin in our lives, aspiring towards God’s standards for us, confessing our sin and repentance. Is living for God fun? Our concept of Christianity as a way of life may not always be well presented to others. An impression that some have is that it is not 'fun'. In this episode, Dr. Sam Ndoga challenges young people on what they define as fun. Fun is not influenced by what we drink, who we hold, etc. Fun can be sitting down with someone who will tell you things that will change your life radically. "

Is God's Word Relevant for Youth Today?

This episode explores the Bible, and the role it can play today with today's youth. Is God's Word still relevant for youth today? Yes! Guest speaker Dr. Sam Ndoga, will discuss ways in which the Bible is relevant for youth today, and how we can engage the youth with the Word of God. In the fast moving culture of today where time is of the essence and youth are constantly engaged with different media, they need to be reminded of Biblical teachings as a focus of life and ministries. Through this, they will have confidence in God's Word, and will rely on it for day-to-day living.

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