Encouragement for Bonaire Partners

Thank you that when our Bonaire team gets discouraged and feels alone in the ministry, you lead listeners to tell about how the program has blessed their lives. God, you give the team the strength to obey and carry on! (Ps. 9:1)

Tapas for the Faith

Thank you, Father, that our team in Norway is broadcasting a new 90-second audio devotional three times a week titled Tapas for the Faith. These short biblical segments of encouragement give a taste of the Word of God and make listeners want to “eat more.”

Canadian Prayer Team

We express our gratitude to you as Jehovah-Jireh, our provider, for supplying the Canadian team with faithful financial and prayer partners. (Gen. 22:14)

Business for Women in Indonesia

Thank you that the love of Jesus is being displayed through the Indonesia team as they share health information and assist village women in getting micro loans to develop their small businesses.

Provision During Coronavirus

Thank you, Father, for loving and caring for your children during the Coronavirus pandemic and in every difficulty we face. We join our Polish team in claiming you as our refuge and strength during a time of global fear. (Psalm. 46:1)

Volunteers in Nepal

Thank you, Lord, for bringing talented and committed volunteers to help the Nepal TWR Women of Hope team. Churches and local women’s ministries are uniting to minister more effectively to the women there!

Prayer Teams in Serbia

We rejoice that the prayer teams in Serbia enthusiastically lift up women and girls around the world, identifying with their struggles and empathizing with their pain. Thank you for making us one family united in prayer. (Phil. 2:1-2)

Vietnamese Brides in China

Lord, please provide for the female Vietnamese refugees from the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War who married men in China. They are denied citizenship, and their “illegitimate” children lack education and continue the cycle of poverty.

Faronese Marriages

Lord, may foreign women married to Faroese men learn the language and culture and be embraced by the Christian community with love and understanding.

Provision through Serbia

May the Syrian refugees traveling through Serbia hear the gospel and be given assistance, sleeping accommodations and food for their journey.

Safety for Women Refugees

Father, please protect and care for women refugees as they are prone to exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment.

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