The Benefits of a Father's Faith

Challenge for fathers to prioritize their relationship with Jesus Christ, above all else

Who are You?

Don't let anything get in the way of celebrating Christ's resurrection often - we have so much to be thankful for

Passionate Love

The disciples faced at the time of the crucifixion and God's grace in helping htem overcome their fear and doubt

The Heart

Mary Magdalene's devotion - because she was forgiven much; not living with condemnation but receiving His love

The Cross

A message of hope that Christ offers through His death, burial and resurrection; the Cross: a symbol of hope

Women After God's Own Heart - Part 2

Teaches that a right mindset is necessary to fulfill God's plan for our lives

Women After God's Own Heart - Part 1

Takes us to a young mother to help us understand core biblical principles

Being the Church

What does it mean to 'Be' the Church as a Body through which God wants to fulfil His agenda

Stewardship of Spiritual Gifts

Principles from Scripture to walk in obedience to God in the areas of Stewardship in the Church and Spiritual Gifts

Diverse and Unified

Learning to develop and using our diversity for the cuase of unity in the Church for the furtherance of God's work

The Family of God

Taking a close look at the New Testament Church and why attending a local Church is mandated in Scripture

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