We learn from the encouragement of Paul to the Romans of God's goodness which endures and abounds greater than all of our present suffering.


As we learn about the new support structure for missionaries with the Alliance, we are encouraged by a biblical model of compassionate, mutual self-giving from missionary to local church.


How do we know that God loves us? How do we know for sure that we are saved? Answer: because God's grace guarantees our adoption as his children, and as his children we inherit the riches of God's love and mercy which is bestows on us profusely. Come join us and learn from Paul's message to the Ephesians.

The Goodness of God to David

Are you convinced that God is good? Every day is filled with bad news. Every day gives us another reason to doubt that God is good and that he really cares for us. David certainly knows those feelings. Yet, he praises the Lord as his shepherd who cares deeply for his suffering people. Join us in listening to this encouraging word from Psalm 23.


For many people it is difficult to believe that God truly loves us unconditionally. It should therefore not surprise us that in many places in Scripture God reassures us his love by guaranteeing it with a promise. God is faithful and nothing can break his faithfulness. Let's learn from the psalmist the extent of God's faithfulness.


If we are convinced that pleasing God is our supreme goal, and our holiness pleases God, what practical steps can we take in our pursuit of holiness? For answers, we not only stay in 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 but also expand our search to other places in the New Testament in order to understand how it instructs us in holy living.


Love is the enduring Christian virtue. Love is the eternal bond among the persons of the Godhead. Love is both an old command and a new one. Love’s most meaningful expression is found at the cross of Christ. Paul’s only exhortation to the Thessalonians is to increase in love more and more – a simple command that carries great weight. How can we learn to love truly as Christ did? Come learn with us from Paul’s instruction to the Thessalonians.



Learning to please God is our supreme goal and greatest delight. What does it mean to please God truly? We will learn from Paul who writes urge the Thessalonians to please God through living out the instructions they received from him.

A Prayer for Love and Holiness

Paul prays fervently and frequently that the Thessalonian believers will grow in heartfelt love for each other and for unbelievers as well. This love will increase and overflow into generous acts of kindness and will enable them to live more holy lives until the return of Christ. Like them, may our defining characteristics be love and holiness.

Destined for Trials

In 1 Thessalonians 3:1-8, Paul writes to a very young church that was undergoing severe persecution. Paul sent Timothy to strengthen their faith, to keep them from being unsettled by trials, and to ensure that thy tempter would not be victorious in their lives. We must remember that trials and persecutions were predicted by Jesus, and we should pray that we will be found faithful.

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