A Prayer for Sanctification

Jesus prays to the Father that He may sanctify us. But what does sanctification mean exactly? Who is responsible for this process? What aspect of our lives does it include?

Rejoicing Life-Praying Life-Grateful Life

What are 3 important spiritual qualities every Christian should diligently pursue? Listen to this sermon as Paul gave the final exhortations to the church in Thessalonica.

Church Exhortations

How is the relationship between church and leaders and members ought to be like? How about among brothers and sisters in Christ? In this study, we learn Paul instructions to the church in Thessalonica how Christians relationship in the church should be like.

Not Taken By Surprise

Are you ready for the second coming of Christ? Do you know how to prepare yourself so you are not taken by surprised by his coming? In this passage, Paul teaches the church in Thessalonica how to live a life that is ready for his second coming.

Our Promised Heavenly Home

Is heaven a real place? Is it for us and how can we get there? In today’s sermon, we explore several passages in the scriptures that illustrate how heaven is real. That Jesus was at the center of Heaven and he returned there to intercede for us. We also explore how Jesus urges us to pray to our Father in heaven, commands us to store up treasure in heaven, and to rejoice that our name is written in heaven. Jesus prepared a place for us in heaven so we can go there after we die. Our view of heaven is mocked by the world but we can be sure it is real, reliable, and true. Jesus guarantees us that heaven is our home if we believe in him.

A Life On Mission

Paul tells us we must live a life of mission. But what does it take for us to live a life of mission? Join us as we discover the four key things we must consider to do so effectively.

The Gospel and Your Mission

We have an amazing promise – The gospel of salvation to everyone who believes. We have an awful problem – Some people have not heard of it. What must we do to be a part of God’s great plan of salvation? The gospel was spread through a tiny group of Jews and the Bible painted the beautiful final picture of every nation, tribe and tongue worshipping the Lord God in heaven.

Depression and the Gospel

Depression is a subject less mentioned, but how do we handle it as Christians? Does the Bible have any answers to those in need? Today we learn from Psalm 77 hope for those facing this crisis.

The Great White Throne Judgement

What is the Great White Throne of Judgement? Who will appear before it? What is the purpose of this judgement? Today we learn about this doctrine to remind us of the reality of eternal damnation and the importance of sharing Christ to those who have not heard the Gospel.

The Gospel of Joy

What is the source of Joy? Is Joy a treatment or is it a condition? Today we learn what the Bible teaches about Christ’s Joy that is unique and contrary to what the world teaches. What must Christians do to keep our Joy. What is the enemy that will rob you of Joy. And from where do we seek our Joy.

Could Christ Return at Any Time?

When is Jesus coming back? How do we prepare ourselves for his coming?

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