Nehemiah 2b-2

Kingdom Building 101 part 2 continues in this edition of "Salt and Light". What walls should Christians build and maintain? Listen to Pastor Rodney Finch share the answer.

Nehemiah 2b-1

The wall was down, so what? Why would Nehemiah say to the king, "Send me" and "give me". Kingdom Building 101 part 1 begins in this episode of "Salt and Light".

Nehemiah 2a-2

What was really the big deal to be sad in the presence of a king? The answer may surprise you as Pastor Rodney Finch continues the study in Nehemiah 2 on this edition of "Salt and Light".

Nehemiah 2a-1

"Pray, Plan and Move Out" is the title of this sermon. Must a prayer be long? Must a prayer be scheduled at a set time? What did Nehemiah say to the king which changed history? Pastor Rodney Finch shares the answer in today's edition of "Salt and Light".

Nehemiah 1c-3

How easy is it for you to make excuses for how you live? How does that happen in the church? What can / should be done about it? Pastor Rodney Finch gives some help in this edition of "Salt and Light".

Nehemiah 1c-2

Have you noticed yet that sometimes in order to build you first have to tear down? How does that apply to your life? Pastor Rodney Finch shares on "Building for God" in this edition of "Salt and Light".

Nehemiah 1c-1

"Building For God" was first preached in Calvary Chapel Cary by Pastor Rodney Finch. What started out as an ordinary day for Nehemiah, didn't end that way. To say, "History turns" would be an understatement. Why?

Nehemiah 1b-3

"Nehemiah the Cupbearer" had a stressful job in protecting the king, but that was not even close to his hardest task. Pastor Rodney Finch describes Nehemiah as a man of action. Why?

Nehemiah 1b-2

God uses different people for different tasks. God equips people for different tasks. Sometimes part of that equipping is . . .

Nehemiah 1b-1

Why did God choose Nehemiah? Pastor Rodney Finch talks about "Nehemiah the Cupbearer" in today's edition of "Salt and Light".

Nehemiah 1a-2

Why would Nehemiah care about a city where he had never been? Pastor Rodney Finch answers that question and more in this edition of "Salt and Light".

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