Love Your Enemy

This passage follows the teaching of Jesus in the same pattern i.e. things we have heard from the law vs. his teaching, which reaches to the heart of the matter. This principle applies to 3 categories of our enemies and what it means to love them. Our goal is not to love our enemies for anything good in return. But it is with the realization that …read more

Ten Looks at Jesus - The Resurrection

On the resurrection day, the ladies who followed Jesus rushed to the tomb to finish the burial that was done hastily on the day of the crucifixion. They were filled with sorrow and grief. They did not expect to see the Savior again. But they were surprised by joy when he was not in the tomb. Nothing can explain how the stone rolled away, nor how he was able to pass the Roman soldiers who were guarding the tomb, except that He was risen and He was God. His death and resurrection proved that God’s every word is true and every prophesy fulfilled. Our best response would be to put our trust in Him and worship him everyday of our lives.

Ten Looks at Jesus - The Triumphal Entry

What are the 3 characteristics of Jesus we learn from his Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem. Join us as we witness the Messiah unwavering determination to suffer and die to redeem us. We can also be sure that this humble and suffering Messiah will be coming again as a victorious King to whom every knee will bow.

Ten Looks at Jesus - The Garden

Gethsemane is about prayer. Why did Jesus pray? What did he pray? And how did God answer His prayer? We learned that God answered “No” to one prayer and “Yes” to another prayer from Jesus on the same night. Because of Jesus’ incredible love for us, he fully drank the cup of the wrath of God so that we would see the glory of God and be with Him in heaven one day.

Ten Looks at Jesus - The Transfiguration

Who is Jesus and Why did He come into the world? For a brief moment in time, His inner circle disciples witnessed the glory of God shine through Jesus’ humanity. Moses and Elijah were present as a picture that Jesus was the fulfillment of the law and the prophecy. He must suffer for the sin of the people. The Lord of glory would die for those he came to save. He was affirmed by the Father that He was the chosen one and we should listen to him.

Ten Looks at Jesus - The Temptations

Were the temptations of Jesus easier than the ones we experience because he did not struggle with sin? What area were Jesus tempted and how did he respond? How can we overcome temptations based on the examples given to us by Jesus?

Ten Looks at Jesus - The Baptism

Why did Jesus choose to be baptized when he was sinless? What was the significance of his baptism? What examples did he set for us to follow in this passage of the scripture?

Ten Looks at Jesus - The Childhood

This is the only passage in the scripture that focuses on Jesus’ childhood. When Jesus was 12 years old he went with his parents to Jerusalem for the festival of the Passover. Jesus said he must be in his Father’s House. Though this is a statement we hear often, at that time, it was a shocking statement for someone to claim that God was his father. Jesus knew firmly who he was and made a bold statement. He knew himself to be the only begotten son, the eternal son, the son of the most high God.

Ten Looks at Jesus - The Birth

What do you see when you read the story of Jesus’ birth? Do you see the power of the rulers of the Roman world? Or do you see the most powerful ruler of the universe who was born in a manger? Jesus was born in poverty as a helpless babe so that in his poverty we might become rich. Have you received the richness that Jesus came to give to humankind?

Ten Looks at Jesus - Our Certainty

Many of us consider ourselves Christians. But how confident are we in the Gospel? Do you have doubts here and there when you read the Bible? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Gospel of Luke and John were written with this type of audience in mind. These things were written so that we may be certain of what we believe. Join us as we explore the Gospel in this 11-week series on “Ten Looks at Jesus”.

Face2Face - Joshua

Today we explored the third vision in the series of Face2Face i.e. the vision of Joshua the High Priest in the book of Zechariah. This passage was a courtroom scene where Satan accused Joshua the High Priest before the Lord. Joshua was helpless as Satan’s accusation was true. However, the focus in this passage was on the work of the Lord Jesus Christ who clothed him with righteousness and made him clean to stand before the Lord. Join us today as we explore this passage together and praise the Son of God for the work He’s done for us all.

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