Integrity Brings Hope

So if integrity is more than just being honest, what is it?

Flying in Formation

Who are you stirring up "to love and good works"?

Be a Giver and not a Taker

How can someone change from being a "taker" to being a "giver"?

True Spirituality

Is it possible to be "spiritual" yet not know Jesus?

Life Influencers

Who would you list as one of the most influential people in your life?

A Life of Destiny

Were you born into a life of "Destiny"?

Living in Community

What can happen when we work together as believers in Jesus?


What are the three "C's" of leadership?

The Holy Spirit

How can the Holy Spirit make my life make a difference?


Am I willing to change the course of my life based upon what God seems to be speaking to me?


What is real joy? What is your source of real joy?

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