Hope from God's Gift to Us

Last week I was talking with a couple that owns a small business about the future. The wife looked at me and said, “Why should we invest in getting bigger when we have no Hope that it will make any difference in our business or community?” The husband then responded, our ec...

Hope Through the Grace of God

What is the spiritual secret of a man who, in the midst of his own troubles, can still be of encouragement to others?

Hope by Moving Forward

More than 20 years ago a mentor of mine used to say, “...life.” Over the years, I’ve learned the wisdom of that statement. What was it he said that was so wise?

Maintaining Hope in Impossible Situations

What are four secrets for happiness?

Hope from a Life Calling

How large is your calling?

Hope for Students

Frankly, I see Hope for the future because of the generation now on college campuses.

Hope from Seeing God's Work

An observation…one person can make a difference! I met a lady who ...

Hope Through a Transparent Life

Ever wonder how God will lead you as the future materializes?

Hope for the Future

God is constantly involved in raising up new generations of women and men who will be more and more transformed into Christ’s image and engaged with others.


Jesus came to resolve the ultimate conflict between humans and...

Discipling Among the Lost

Did you know we can disciple folks in their faith before they even believe in Jesus?

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