Grace in All the Bible 1

Have you ever heard someone say that there seems to be two Gods in the Bible? An angry one in the Old Testament and a gracious one in the New! Bryan Chapell debunks this false conclusion ... on the Friday edition of Unlimited Grace.  In a special interview, Bryan shows us that there’s “Grace in all the Bible.”

God Makes a Way – 2

When we’re in trouble and feeling overwhelmed, sometimes our first thought is to just do “something.”  So today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell invites us to look at Exodus 14 to see that God calls us to be still. We’re learning to stand firm, while letting God take charge!

God Makes a Way – 1

When a crisis hits we often wonder, “Where is God when we need Him?” Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell turns to Exodus 14 to remind us that God has not taken his hand off our lives. He’s still very much in control. The Bible reminds us that when we feel trapped and hopeless ... “God Makes a Way.”

Saved by Sacrifice – 2

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell continues a series in the book of Exodus. As he opens to Exodus 12, Bryan explains the significance behind the Passover feast, the Exodus from Egypt, and the grace that God put on display at Calvary.

Saved by Sacrifice – 1

Many people think that Passover is a holiday celebrated only by the Jewish people. But today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell opens to Exodus 12 to explain the significance between the Passover lamb and our Savior, Jesus Christ. As Christians, we have good reason to celebrate!

Plagues on Purpose – 2

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell is turning to Exodus, chapters 8 and 9, to explain the real purpose behind the Egyptian plagues. It’s Bryan’s mission to proclaim the gospel of grace on every page of the Bible, and the Book of Exodus is no exception!

Plagues on Purpose – 1

Most of us know the Exodus story. We’ve marveled at deliverance of God’s people, and the plagues designed to make Pharaoh comply.  But today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell explains that we often miss God’s bigger plan for those plagues—which includes showing us what God can and will do when we soften our hearts to His will. 

Snakes That Eat Gods

Staffs turning into snakes. Snakes swallowing snakes. A duel between Moses and Pharaoh’s magicians. It is the stuff that Hollywood movies are made of! But today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell explains how these scenes are actually pictures of God’s grace, designed to set men and women free from sin.

Bricks Without Straw – 2

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell continues a new study that reveals the gospel of grace in the book of Exodus. We’re in chapters 5 and 6, where God is reminding us that He’s a covenant keeper, not a contract keeper.  It’s a distinction that puts God’s love and grace at the forefront.

Bricks Without Straw – 1

As parents we’ll usually do what’s best for our kids—even if they protest or complain. And today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell opens to Exodus, chapters 5 and 6, to explain how God fathers us. We’re learning that God’s always doing what’s best for us—even when we can’t understand what He’s up to!

Staying Biblically Civil

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell joins host Doug Chamberlain for a special interview.  There’s always a lot to learn about the gospel of grace when Bryan comes to the mic.  Bryan brings to the program his many years of experience as a pastor, seminary professor and president. 

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