John 16a-1 - The Work of the Holy Spirit - Part 1a

As part of the divine Trinity, the Holy Spirit is also God, but is the least understood and misunderstood part of the Trinity. Pastor Rodney Finch begins sharing on the work of the Holy Spirit in today's episode of "Salt and Light".

John 15e-3 - Love Each Other and Love Your Haters - PT 3

"God is getting glory through my husband" said a lady who husband is in prison for proclaiming Jesus. In this edition of "Salt and Light", Pastor Rodney Finch shares more on the hatred some people have towards Jesus.

John 15e-2 - Love Each Other and Love Your Haters - PT 2

"His left arm was cut off, because he was a pastor of a Christian church." Listen to Pastor Rodney Finch share about a secret church meeting which is normal in some countries. Hear more, in this edition of "Salt and Light".

John 15e-1 - Love Each Other and Love Your Haters - PT 1

"Beginning in verse 18, the tone and tenor change tremendously." Why would Pastor Rodney Finch say this? Listen to today's edition of "Salt and Light" to find out.

John 15d-3

John 15d-2

John 15d-1

John 15c-3

John 15c-2

John 15c-1 - Constantly Abiding - Pt 1

What makes abiding in Christ so important to a Christian? Pastor Rodney Finch continues to dig deep into this important concept in this edition of "Salt and Light".

John 15b-3 - The True Vine and the Branches - Pt 2c

Why is Jesus urging his followers to abide in Him? Pastor Rodney Finch shares why in this edition of "Salt and Light".

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