Peace in War Torn Countries

Pray for God’s Spirit to move throughout war-torn countries, healing hearts and minds, and restoring families.

International Leaders

Pray for international leaders to demand that abusive governments be held accountable for their attacks on the innocent as well as their misuse of valuable natural resources (oil, diamonds, etc.) and finances received from relief organizations. “Deliver me, O my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of evil and cruel men” (Ps. 71:4).

Leaders to be Compassionate

Pray for God to change the hearts of leaders in about two-dozen countries that do not allow women to transfer nationality to their children, resulting in statelessness when the fathers are unknown, missing or deceased.

Governments to End Statelessness

Pray for governments around the world to establish legal and policy reforms necessary to effectively address and end statelessness, which describes people not considered nationals of any country. About one-third of these people are children.

Leaders to be Merciful

Pray for mercy to be granted by leaders of countries hosting over 3 million Venezuelan migrants, refugees and asylum seekers as they seek alternative forms of legal status. This would enable them to remain where they are legally and to access basic rights and services.

Leaders to Show Compassion

Pray for the leaders and people of Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, the main countries of destination among asylum applications.

Organizations Working with Refugees

Pray for TWR national partners and Christian organizations that directly interact with refugees as they distribute TWR programs and help seekers understand God’s truths.

Families to be Reunited

Pray for families that have been separated and don’t know if some members are still alive. Even after finding lost loved ones, in many cases, they cannot reunite because they will lose their financial assistance and will not be able to survive together without it.

Abused Women

Pray for women and girls who have been severely beaten, brutally and repeatedly raped, and forced to marry religious militants out of fear for their lives or to save the lives of loved ones. Many commit suicide to escape the horrors of sex slavery.

Those Fleeing Persecution

Pray for Christians who have fled their communities or countries because of religious persecution. Pray that they will find groups of believers who will love them and welcome them.

Christian Refugees

Pray for refugees whose lives are in danger if others discover they are listening to Christian radio programs and studying the Scriptures.

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