What's All the Fuss About Jesus?

The world offers various portraits and portrayals of Jesus that often look nothing like the Jesus of the Bible. In todayÕs message, Pastor Daryl takes us through a Biblical survey of who the real Jesus is so that we may never be fooled with a counterfeit Jesus.

Is There Truly One Among Many?

Many today believe that all opinions, beliefs, and faith systems are equally valid. In this message, Pastor Daryl shows us that God has revealed truth to the world and any message that is contrary to God's truth is to be rejected.

Why God, Why?

We've all experienced hurt, pain, and suffering at some time in our lives. In this message, Pastor Daryl gives us answers from the word of God of how we ought to understand pain and suffering in view of God's faithfulness.

Is There Really a God

Does God exist and if there is a God, how can we know? In today's message, Pastor Daryl shows us the great lengths God has gone to in order to prove that He exists and that we can know Him truly.

Does Life Have Purpose

Many people go through life constantly wondering what their purpose in life is. In this message, Pastor Daryl takes us to the word of God to show us that our purpose starts and ends with God, Himself.

Who's Your One?

Whenever we lose something valuable or important to us, we do everything we can to find it. In todayÕs message Pastor Daryl examines JesusÕ teaching on GodÕs tenacity to seek and save the lost.Ê

Who Do You Love

The world has a lot to offer, but never delivers on its promises. In todayÕs message Pastor Daryl encourages believers to not love the things of the world but rather love and serve God alone

Journey to the King

God went to great lengths for us to recognize Jesus when He shows up. In this message, Pastor Daryl Jesus teaches us that Jesus deserves our full allegiance because He is the promised Savior and Messiah of the OT Scriptures.

Here Comes The King

The Old Testament is full of prophecies of the coming Promised Messiah. In todayÕs message, Pastor Daryl encourages us to trust the LORD by examining GodÕs faithfulness in sending our Savior, Jesus Christ.Ê

Strategic Timing

God will guide and protect His plans to show Himself faithful to His promises. Pastor Daryl explains how God will continue to exercise His sovereignty to bring about His promises and salvation in creation.

Strategic Positioning

God’s work in our lives can at times be uncomfortable. Pastor Daryl explains that God is purposeful and strategic in where He takes us in life.

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