The Family Experience

God’s intention of His church is to function not as an organization, but rather as a close knit family. In today’s message, Dr. Jones teaches from Acts 2 on how believers should prioritize church community for worship, fellowship and spiritual growth.

Imaging God

Just as selfies capture an image of those who take the photo, so is the church for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In today’s message, Dr. Jones teaches how the church showcases God’s truth to the world as we conduct ourselves properly as those who belong to Jesus.

We Church

It is an unfortunate reality when believers fail to realize how important church attendance is for their spiritual health. Today, Dr. Jones teaches that believers should prioritize church participation and engaged for spiritual growth and maturity.

My Brother's Keeper

One of the greatest ways to express love is to help a brother or sister in danger. In today’s message, Dr. Jones encourages believers to follow Jesus’ method of loving accountability when a fellow believer is caught in web of sin.


The work of the ministry is not reserved to only the pastors and the deacons. Today, Dr. Jones teaches that God has gifted every believer in the church with spiritual gifts to serve in God’s mission on the earth.

One Body

The human body is a unity made up of many different members with different functions all contributing to support the body. Today, Dr. Jones teaches how important every member of the Body of Christ is to the unity and function of the church.

Body Building

Those dedicated to physical fitness are very intentional to how they treat their bodies. In today’s message, Dr. Jones teaches on how the church is to be intentional to how we develop and mature as the Body of Christ.

True Family

We all recognize how important healthy family relationships are for our lives. Today, Dr. Jones teaches on how the church not like family but is truly family in Christ, and meant to function as the family of God.

Joyful Hope

The hope we have in Jesus Christ is based purely on God’s faithfulness. In today’s message, Dr. Jones teaches that Believers rejoice now because of the guarantee we have a salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Kindness of God

Kindness towards others should be a characteristic of believers, rather than something done on rare occasions. In today’s message, Dr. Jones will encourage us to seek out opportunities to express the Kindness of God.

Love God Love People

It’s unfortunate when we fail to realize that our love for God is directly connected to our love for others. Today, Dr. Jones teaches how our lives are to be characterized by our demonstration of love for God above all and love others.

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