Terror Alert! Safeguard Your Marriage - 2b

God gives us everything we need to protect our homes and be aware of our enemy's tactics

Terror Alert! Safeguard Your Marriage - 2a

Subitting our will to God to safeguard our families and homes

Terror Alert! Safeguard Your Marriage - 1

How to protect ourselves from the tactics of the enemy

Loving the Unlovable

How to Keep up with those who betray us and love them as Christ loves us

His Throne of Grace

God wants to transform us from the inside out and enable us to walk victoriously in Him

Hold to God's Promise

Responding to God's love in the midst of trial and not running away from Him and His people

He is Faithful

Learning from the example all through Scripture of those who have face insurmountable hardships

He is Ever Present

Taking god at His Word and seeking to put our confidence in His promises

A Present Help

Putting our trust in God in the light of the challenges facing our country, our Churches and our families

The Seed

Challenge to not allow weeds and rocks to hinder the Word from flourishing in our hearts

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