Does Fear Dominate Your Life?

Understanding that fear can erase our faith but trusting Him can transform our lives

Leaning on God's Resources

Learning to focus on a steadfast, loving and faithful God and not on our problems

Persistance in Prayer

Learning to pray within the scope of God’s Word, both in content and attitude

Break out of Complacency

Challenge to not be complacent and focused on the problem but make Christ our focus

It's a God Situation

Understanding that without God, our impossible situation - full surrender to Him


God has given us a spirit of power and of love and not timidity in the face of opposition

Claim your Dependence – Part 2

God who made you knows what is best for you - seek Him to work out all thing for your good

Claim your Dependence – Part 1

Self-sufficiency will only complicate your life--shift your dependency onto God

You Got Church – Part 2

Are you stumbling through life and the situations you get tossed into having to deal with? Did you know it is possible to be prepared and actually do well when they come? Dr. Paul Cannings shares how in this edition of "Power Walk Ministries".

You Got Church – Part 1

Walking with God through daily situations in life is liberating

The Benefits of a Blessed Life

Another reminder that a do-er of God's Word will be Blessed!

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