Christ and Christ Alone

Learning to set your mind on things above and having an eternal perspective

We must Stay Grounded in the Truth

Are you influenced by Scripture or by the culture around us? Applying God's truth

Free to Live

Understanding that grace is liberated, spontaneous and free

It's all about Christ

Learning to let go of legalistic attitudes and living free

Fighting Temptation

Learning how your heart handles temptation and how you can develop a heart to obey God

The War - Temptation - 2

Guidelines and strategies on how we can resist the enemy and guard our hearts

The War - Temptation - 1

Learnig to train our minds to liv3 in a God-honoring way and how to handle temptations

The Enemy Within

Being aware of our our enemy and learning to guard our lives in every area

Faith Destroys Fear

Learning the necessary steps to grow daily in our faith in God

No Fear Just Fatih

A challenge to make a distince choice between living in fear or living by faith

Overcoming Fear

A challenge to face fears and live by faith as we give up complete control of our lives to God

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