The Benefits of a Father's Faith

Challenge for fathers to prioritize their relationship with Jesus Christ, above all else

A True High Priest

Scriptural understanding of Tribulation and how we can overcome

Obedience Takes Faith

Putting our faith in God's guidance many not always be pleasure but it will always be rewarding ultimately

Give and it will be Given

God chose to bless the Shunammite woman and protect her for honoring Elisha

Honoring God's People

Learning to recognize practical ways that we can bless those who serve God on the frontlines

Investing in People to Impact Ministry

Learning to keep God's Kingdom agenda in mind in the daily choices we make

Be a Conqueror

Recognizing negative tendencies we harbor in our hearts and exposing to God's light

Choose Light

Understanding the importance of releasing our negative emotions to walk in freedom

Overcoming Hate

Uprooting anger and related bitterness in our lives and allowing the Holy Spirit to heal us

It's All About Christ

It's all to easy to learn to our own understanding but the Lord calls for obedience, through Godly wisdom

Be Angry and Sin Not

Understanding the consequences of harboring anger in our lives and choosing to let go of it

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