The Heart of the Giver - Part 3

Prioritizing our lives to sacrificially give to God out of love for Him

The Heart of the Giver - Part 2

Giving touches the heart of God as it is one of the ways we worship Him

The Heart of the Giver - Part 1

Recognizing and clearly understanding that God is the only Source of all of our blessings

The Time to Worship

Developing a heart of gratitude to God and responding through our worship

Overcoming through Worship

The importance of worship and how it can transform our focus and approach to our situations

Overcoming Complacency

Recognizing if I have become spiritually complacent and rising up to actively pursue God

Living in God's Strength - Part 2

Surrendering your weaknesses to God and allowing Him to work them out for our good

Living in God's Strength - Part 1

Understand God's Word not just intellectually but allowing it to touch our hearts

A Teachable Spirit

Committing to live under the authority of God and enjoying closer fellowship with Him

Facing Discouragement with Confidence

Not looking back but forward with confidence because of God’s great love for you

A Productive Strategy – Part 2

Learning to assert what you believe and putting your faith to action

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