Prayer that Waits

God hears our prayers but will answer in a that is best for His children

Dependence Exposes God's Supremacy

God is interested in molding our character and sometime sour delays are used for His best purposes

God Listen

Lessons from Daniel's persistence, honor, reverence for God and total surrender to Him

Prayer Works

Christ Himself is our example of obedience to the Father - may we follow in His steps

Be Watchful and Pray

While we wait on Him - learning to obey, trust, praise and worship God

Be Persistent

Putting our confidence in God and His Word when we approach Him in prayer


Our Heavenly Father cannot be compared to an unjust judge--as He is all-loving

Love So Amazing

Knowing God's voice as mary did at the empty tomb - may we be in such fellowship with Him that we know His voice

Grace Treasured

Challenging us to worship, honor and revere God like Mary who was unafraid and sought Christ fervently

Passionate Love

A challenge to respond to God as Mary Magadelene does with sincerity, passion and gratitude

Love is Persistent

Seeking reconciliation with the Lord an dwalking in fellowship with Him each day

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