Psalm Nineteen Part One

Psalm 19 is divided into two parts. The first part expresses general revelation—the revelation of God through creation. The second part focuses on special revelation—the Holy Scriptures.

Psalm Eighteen Part Two

In the final verses of Psalm 18, King David emphasizes that God alone is Lord. His way is perfect.

Psalm Eighteen Part One

In Psalm 18 King David recounts both his many adversities and how God has delivered him from them.

Psalm Seventeen

Psalm 17 is a prayer in which King David is seeking vindication from his enemies and God’s protection from wicked people.

Psalm Sixteen Part Two

The verses in the second half of Psalm 16 are particularly important because they contain a Messianic prophecy regarding Jesus’ resurrection.

Psalm Sixteen Part One

Psalm 16 is a psalm of devotion in which King David states his commitment to the Lord as the one true God.

Psalm fifteen

In the fifteenth psalm, King David expresses what a righteous person’s life should look like.

Psalm fourteen

Verse 3 of Psalm 14 is quoted by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament Book of Romans. The point being made is that no human being is righteous before God on the basis of their own merit.

Psalm Thirteen

King David begins Psalm 13 with a lament, goes on to make a request of God, then moves to expressions of trust, and finally ends with a commitment to give praise to God.

Psalm Twelve

In Psalm 12, King David laments the evil in the world and receives assurances from the Lord that He will intervene on behalf of the poor and needy.

Psalm Eleven

Psalm 11 was written by King David during a time when he was facing adversity. He assures himself, and us, that God rules over everything regardless of our circumstances.

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