Psalm Forty-Four

Psalm 44 is about clinging to God even when He seems distant.

Psalm Forty-Three

Psalm 43 reads like a continuation of Psalm 42.

Psalm Forty-Two

Psalm 42 was written by the Sons of Korah—an early temple worship leading group.

Psalm Forty-One

King David concludes Psalm 41 by praising God for upholding him through his trials. It also includes a call to care for the poor.

Psalm Forty Part Two

One important quality of Psalm 40 is that it emphasizes telling people what God has done for us.

Psalm Forty Part One

King David begins Psalm 40 by recalling God’s deliverance and faithfulness. It is a Messianic Psalm that is quoted in the New Testament.

Psalm Thirty-Nine

Psalm 39 discusses the idea of mankind being a mere breath.

Psalm Thirty-Eight

In Psalm 38, we find King David confessing his sin and lamenting the suffering he has endured as a result of his sin.

Psalm Thirty-Seven Part Two

In Psalm 37 we see a recurring idea of the meek inheriting the land.

Psalm Thirty-Seven Part One

Psalm 37 includes a call to trust in God who will ultimately reward the righteous.

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