WTB NT Session 1

This is the first of 43 videos that will take you through the New Testament using our Memory Cards. We encourage you to purchase a set of these from our website. Most videos will be 5-15 minutes but this one is 22min. In this video we explain how we use our cards to help you grasp the big picture of the New Testament. We will also look at what too…read more

WTB NT Session 2

Session 2 gives us the details behind the birth of Jesus. Pointing out that God over hundreds of years gave pointers, so that people would recognise the promised saviour when He came.

WTB NT Session 3

Session 3 Takes us the the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. We will look at a number of reasons for John baptising Jesus.

WTB NT Session 4

Session 4 Jesus was confronted by Satan. The first man Adam failed, will this "Last Adam" also fail? We will see how Jesus sets the model we need to follow when tempted.

WTB NT Session 5

Session 5. In this video we look at the heart of the message of Jesus, for He said He came to seek and save the lost. This video will tell you how this salvation can be your reality.

WTB NT Session 6

Session 6 We meet the Woman at the well and see how she found the fountain of living water.

WTB NT Session 7

Session 7 Jesus comes home, but because the community only believed Him to be the son of Joseph and Mary they sought to kill Him for claiming to be the Messiah.

WTB NT Session 8

Session 8 focuses on the selection of the 12 disciples.

WTB NT Session 9

Session 9 The Sermon on the Mount where we see that Love is living out the Law, which becomes a desire after the new birth.

WTB NT Session 10

Session 10. You can see better with two eye than you can only using one. The man on the card has covered his eye for a reason. It illustrates the new approach to the message of Jesus. Jesus makes seeing the message, He came to bring harder to see. But there was a reason for doing that. Find out in this video

WTB NT Session 11

WTB NT Session11 There is no one that is so blind as those who do not want to see. Or another way to say the same thing, Don't confuse me with facts my mind is made up. Jesus did many miracles But still people did not recognise Him. So how convincing are miracles?

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