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A Warrior's Joy

From Christian Crusaders …What motivates a soldier to go into battle? What motivates a warrior to fight? As we cele…

Hidden in the Day of Anger

From The Word for Today …How much do you know about the "Day of God's Anger"? Pastor Chuck Smith provides details…

Not Taking God into Account

From The Word for Today …Why do some people live as if God doesn't exist? His answer may surprise you as Pastor C…

The Desolation of Ninevah

From The Word for Today …God's prophecies never come true, right? Pastor Chuck Smith brings clear understanding w…

The Reproach of Moab

From The Word for Today …God said He would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse them. Why?…

The Word of the Lord to Zephaniah

From The Word for Today …t the prophet named Zephaniah? When did he serve God? What did God declare through him?…

The Word of the Lord to Zephaniah

From The Word for Today … we know more about Zephaniah than we do concerning the other minor prophets, who was he?…
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Christian Crusaders


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Holy Scriptures and Israel

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Berni Dymet


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Making the best of your emotions

By Grace Notes

Old Testament Survey

By ICM's Mini Bible College


By Holy Scriptures and Israel


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