Exodus 20c-3

Is God's name trivial? Are you possibly guilty of using His name trivially without even knowing it? Why would Pastor Rodney Finch of Calvary Chapel Cary warn you to watch out if you do?

Exodus 20c-2

How does God view taking His name in vain? Have you even ever considered it? Pastor Rodney Finch gives the answer to how God views it in this edition of "Salt and Light".

Exodus 20c-1

In what ways might you be taking the name of the God in vain and not even realize it? What was the purpose of the law? Pastor Rodney Finch shares on this in today's edition of "Salt and Light".

Exodus 20b-3

Exodus 20b-2

What does it mean to "have no other gods before" God?

Exodus 20b-1

Exodus 20a-3

Exodus 20a-2

Exodus 20a-1

Exodus 19a-3

Exodus 19a-2

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