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An Allegory for Shepherds

From The Word for Today ut how the shepherd Amos used bits from his own background in his prophecies.

Another Vision of Amos

From The Word for Today dible how much what Amos had to say to the Northern Kingdom applies to life today!

Conflict Resolution / Peace with God

From Women of Hope The most important words to use in fixing a conflict is “I’m sorry”. God made

Famine For the Word of God

From The Word for Today How is it that has never been a time with more copies of the Word of God available,

God - What Is He Like? Part 2

From Grace to You On most college campuses these days, you can find organizations and facult

Seek Ye the Lord

From The Word for Today If you seek the Lord, things will be different.
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Grace to You

ICM's Mini Bible College

Love Worth Finding

Running to Win

The Word for Today

Women of Hope


Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer


Chuck Smith





Children Of An Awesome God


God's Word for the End of an Age


God, Satan, and Angels


Old Testament Survey


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